Snakebites are potentially life-threatening incidents that are a reality for many people in East Africa. At EAVS we assist snakebite victims. Worldwide, approximately 81,000 to138,000 people die each year from a snakebite. 


"In East Africa there are 228 snake species, of these 50 of these are dangerous to humans. Of these 50, 23 are known to have killed people"

Field Guide to East African Reptiles

What we do

Unfortunately one of the very rare, but possible, realities of living in rural Kenya is the chance of being bitten by a venomous snake. Fortunately very few visitors ever experience this, but the local people who walk around with their cattle, work in the orchards, plucking fruit from trees and digging in the fields, are not so fortunate. Most of these people cannot afford the very high costs of anti-venom, which is the only proven cure for a venomous snakebite. At EAVS we provide help and information on medical care for people with a venomous or non-venomous snake bite. 

Taylor Ashe Anti-venom Foundation also undertakes education schemes and awareness courses to educate the public on how to avoid these encounters. We teach correct first aid procedures and share up to date treatment of snakebite.

If you are in need of advice regarding a snakebite, require anti-venom or wish to make a contribution to the Foundation please contact us on +254 729 403599 or send an email to


The foundation is situated at EAVS' Watamu Reptile Centre.

What to do in case of snakebite

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A useful snakebite reference for health care professionals.