At EAVS we work on different projects and programmes to help people safely co-exist with snakes. Learn more about each of our projects by clicking on the links below.


Venom & Antivenom

At EAVS we milk most venomous snakes found in Kenya. Pure desiccated snake venom is available for sale, please contact us for further information or read more about what we do and our research.


Awareness & Education

At EAVS we are always educating people about snakes. We run a variety of training courses aimed at a broad range of people from children, through to professional safari guides, medics, and doctors.



EAVS provides information to treat victims and medical practitioners about venomous snakebites.

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Research expeditions

Our snake handlers are often out in the bush to look for (rare) species of snakes. You can join and help them! Read more about joining one of our research expeditions here.

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Watamu Reptile Centre

EAVS is a research centre, which deals with reptiles, especially snakes and snake-bite. We are located less than 5 minutes from the hotels in Watamu - Kenya. We house the largest collection of Snakes in East Africa and are open to the public.



There is never a dull moment at EAVS and we have many activities you can book. Take a look here and make a booking right away!